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 Automotive Reastoration  

Any pipe ( / 1cm) Y170

Battery Box Y6,100

Brake Caliper (each) Y9,900

Brake Drum Y8,800

Center Cover Y4,900

Coil Spring Y10,600

Front Grille Y18,000

Intake Manifold 8 Cylinders Y21,000

Intake pipe Y6,100

Strut Tower Bar set Y15,400

Strut Tower Bar Y11,000

Strut Tower Bar bracket Y2,200

Sub-frame [Single coat Only] Y49,500

Timing Cover Y8,000

Timing cover Lower Y3,300

Towing hook Y3,100

Turbo housing Y9,700

Valve Cover 4 Cylinders (each) Y8,800 to

Windshield Wiper Arm  Y3,600 to

Rim (each) [Single coat Only] [ Up to 19" ]

14" to 16"     Y18,700 to

17"               Y20,900 to

18"               Y21,500 to

19"               Y22,000 to

 [Single coat Only]

Rim - face      Y9,900 to

Rim - Outer Barrel Y5,500 to

Rim - Inner Barrel Y5,500 to

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